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March 25 2012

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Tags: dreaming
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Tags: dreaming
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March 12 2012


Cutters Lullaby

Go to sleep and close your eyes,
And dream of broken butterflies
That tore their wings against a thorn.
You know the pain that they have endured 
Silver metal shine so bright 
Scarlet blood that feels so right.
Dream of that blood trickling down, 
And wake up just before you drown.
The moonlight shining off your tears
As you bleed out your worst fears. 
So tonight when you start to cry 

Whisper the cutter’s lullaby:
Hushabye baby, you’re almost dead
You don’t have a pulse and your pillow is red.
Your family hates you 
Your friends let you bleed
Sleep tight with a knife, 
Cause its all that you need.
Rockabye baby, Broken and scarred,
You didn’t know life would be this hard.
Time to end the pain you hid so well
And down you’ll come baby, 
Straight back to hell.

February 17 2012

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January 16 2012

January 07 2012

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December 23 2011


December 18 2011


December 17 2011

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Tags: dreaming
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December 15 2011

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November 02 2011

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October 17 2011

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October 09 2011

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September 18 2011

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August 21 2011

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August 14 2011

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August 05 2011

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Tags: dreaming
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